Vacation and Explore while Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Most people, including myself, have had the thought, “I wish I could speak another language. I should have paid attention in school.” But learning another language in high school or college is difficult if you don’t have anywhere to practice and use it. That’s why immersive language learning has been such an effective tool for learning a new language. 

At CRLA, you can learn Spanish, and there are many other added benefits. Instead of just sitting in a classroom in your hometown, you have the opportunity to explore a new country and the culture that comes with it. Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is a fun and rewarding way to both learn a language and get to enjoy a vacation at the same time. 

You have the option to tailor your immersive Spanish program to what suits you best. Choose the number of weeks you’d like to stay, how many hours a day you want to learn Spanish, and enjoy exploring a new country! Plus, you get a lot of extra perks with CRLA. They offer Latin dance classes, cooking classes, conversation classes, and cultural tours and activities that can all be part of your language program.

You can choose to stay with a host family (which gets you meals and laundry included) to get more Spanish practice outside of your class time. In addition, the class sizes are small, so you get plenty of attention and practice time each day. 

And the best part? You get to go home saying you learned Spanish, learned how to dance, learned how to cook Costa Rican dishes, and made friends and gained experiences you wouldn’t have had you just gone down the street. Really, if you want a useful vacation, a Spanish study abroad program in Costa Rica is one of the best ways to go!

To see full information on schedules and options, contact CRLA Costa Rican Language Academy.