Want a Brighter Future in Business? Why you Should Study Spanish in Costa Rica.

Maybe you had to take Spanish in high school or college, but you can’t remember anything past “hola,” to save your life. Maybe you know enough to get by. Maybe you’ve never cared to learn a second language, but adulthood called, and it needs something more for your resume than just “graduate.”

We all need a little something to make us stand out in a crowd that’s constantly doing more and more to seem attractive to potential employers. In today’s world, a second language is a must in order to advance your career. Taking language classes at your school or in your community is a great idea, but for many people it’s a disconnected and tedious process. When was the last time that a thirty-minute class, twice a week forced you to think, live, and breathe a foreign language constantly? 

Instead of sitting at a desk, five minutes from your dorm, consider embarking on a study abroad program. While it won’t guarantee automatic fluency, being immersed in the world of a foreign language, and forcing yourself to use it instead of your native language 24/7 is one of the most natural and effective ways to learn it. It also offers unique cultural experiences that you won’t be able to attain elsewhere. So, simply put, if you want to learn a language you should go where all of the action is.

If that language is Spanish, we have great news. YOU can have the experience of a lifetime studying in Costa Rica, regardless of your current experience level!

At Costa Rican Language Academy (CLRA), you can participate in one of our extensive, proven study abroad programs ranging from a short stay over Spring Break, to a semester program in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Even if you aren’t planning on majoring in the Spanish language, immersing yourself in another culture is never a bad idea. Studying abroad is beneficial for any path you might want to take. It fosters leadership skills, improves academic learning, and looks great on a resume.

Regardless of your aspirations, knowing another language could be the make-or-break quality that makes you stand out to potential employers. If you’re in the United States, Spanish is already an in-demand language in all fields. There are 41 million Spanish speakers in the US today, and 11.6 million people are bilingual in both English and Spanish. That’s more Spanish speakers than Spain

With such a high volume of speakers, along with an increasingly global economy; anyone without a second language is behind the times. As many job applications will tell you, if that language is Spanish, you’re more likely to be considered for a position.

We offer students, young and old, the educational opportunity of a lifetime: to learn and grow in a land of adventure. Why Costa Rica? There are too many reasons to list in one article, but here are three of the main advantages of studying Spanish in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a Spanish-speaking nation of 4.9 million people, with a rich cultural history. 

This would seem like an obvious one, right? To study Spanish where it’s spoken is pretty imperative if that’s what you want from your study abroad program. Study with CRLA and you might also find yourself enjoying the National Museum in San José, or checking out the ruins of the El Guayabo National Monument. It’s a land of diverse cultural experiences that date from the modern era all of the way back to Costa Rica’s first indigenous people. Once you’ve been immersed in the culture, you’ll never be the same again. 

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The natural beauty of this nation puts other destinations to shame. Ecotourism is booming in Costa Rica, with 25% of its land existing in national parks and protected areas. Costa Rica is home to cloud forests, volcanoes, beaches, and rainforests that are unlike any others in the world. Scale volcanoes, zip line through the jungle, or sunbathe on the beach during your study abroad adventure!

Costa Rica is full of AMAZING people.

Besides the sights, there’s something else that sets Costa Rica apart. The people here are some of the kindest in the world. As you learn and apply your new language, most locals will be patient and eager to help. That makes it a great, safe place to begin using a language you may not be very confident in. As Sammi, an expat and blogger on My Tan Feet put it:

“Nobody ever made fun of me, nobody ever told me to go back home. Instead, they patiently listened, gently corrected my mistakes and when I said the few words I knew, you could tell they greatly appreciated the effort. Another example of their kindness. If you’re ever in an emergency in Costa Rica, you might be surprised as how many people are willing to help you.”

As you can see, Costa Rica is a land for unforgettable experiences and the perfect place to begin your adventure in learning the Spanish language. It’s a place that teaches, grows, and changes all who enter its borders. Interested in learning more about our program? Contact us today.