What Courses Are Available when You Choose Spanish Language Immersion Programs With CRLA?

One of the most common misconceptions we hear from prospective students or teachers organizing group trips is that intensive Spanish studies abroad require extensive existing knowledge of Spanish.  That’s not the case at Costa Rican Language Academy!  

While it’s true that certain specific activities -such as volunteer work- may not be available for beginners, our Spanish language immersion programs are designed for students of all ages and abilities.  Even if you’re new to the language, there are courses available which can quickly give you a foundation in Spanish.

In fact, many of our beginner students discover they learn more in a month with us than they do in a full semester -or more- in a traditional high school or college classroom setting!

In total, we offer four levels of training, where students are placed depending on their existing skills and interests:

Beginner Levels I, II, and III

For those just starting with Spanish, we offer beginner I, II, and III-level courses which are a rough equivalent to the first three semesters in a college course.  The emphasis here is what we call “survival Spanish,” teaching students the bare necessities needed to get by in day-to-day life in a Spanish-speaking country.

Those with no previous knowledge of Spanish are especially welcome!

Intermediate Levels I, II, and III

Designed largely for those who have some knowledge of the language, our intermediate programs look to broaden your fluency and ability to communicate more complicated ideas.  By the end, a student should be able to hold a fluent conversation with any local native speaker.  They will also have a firm grounding in local culture, and a good understanding of the difference between textbook Spanish and conversational everyday use.

Advanced Level

For those already proficient, we can take their Spanish skills further:  complex syntactical and morphological structures, specialized vocabulary, and an ability to discuss highly abstract subjects such as history and politics.  We emphasize unrehearsed scenarios that challenge speakers to obtain true native-level fluency.

Specialized Courses

Are you already conversationally fluent and looking specifically for courses tailored to business, law, medicine, or teaching?  We can give you the language skills necessary to succeed in these fields which can be the edge you need to find overseas employment – if that’s your goal.

CRLA Has Everything You Need

So regardless of your Spanish proficiency, Costa Rican Language Academy has intensive classes and cultural immersion for everybody.  Contact us today to learn more!