Why Choose a Spanish Language School in Costa Rica?

The Spanish language is the second most commonly spoken language in the world. And students across the globe are now seeking out a Spanish language school to help them build their linguistic capabilities. For many students, schools in Costa Rica are now offering the perfect combination of comprehensive education and an immersive and exciting environment. In this latest post, our team highlights why you should consider a Spanish language school in Costa Rica.

Unique Environment

Costa Rica offers a unique environment combining the world’s most famous beaches, lush green spaces and picturesque mountain ranges. For those visiting Costa Rica to undertake training at Spanish language school, the country offers numerous opportunities for adventure. Costa Rica is also famed for its surfing areas and its captivating wildlife!

A Safe Space

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Central America. The country’s low crime rate is the result of its comprehensive commitment to security and its relaxed, vibrant living spaces. Students will find that they’re welcomed to Costa Rica by the local population who enjoy helping new visitors find their way around the country and introducing them to Costa Rica’s immersive culture.

Populated by Spanish Speakers

Costa Rica also offers one of the most populous regions for Spanish speakers across Central America. This means that visitors to the country don’t simply have to focus on Spanish learning while at school. They can also engage with local residents to help improve their understanding of the intricacies of the Spanish language.

Affordable Lifestyle

For those visiting the country from the US, Canada, Asia or Europe, Costa Rica also offers an affordable lifestyle. This may allow some students to reduce their living costs during their time in Costa Rica while enjoying a memorable learning experience. Food staples are far lower in cost than in North America and there are numerous popular products available, in addition to fresh fruit produced throughout the country.

A Captivating History

In addition to its modern thriving environment, Costa Rica also has a captivating history as a country. The country is home to many museums and cultural areas that visitors can explore. Costa Rica is also home fascinating natural areas that offer habitats to a range of animals, including monkeys and sloths.

Visiting Costa Rica to learn at a Spanish language school will provide students with an unforgettable experience and the ideal way to immerse themselves in a Spanish-speaking culture. To discover more on the benefits of studying Spanish in Costa Rica, call our training team today at 1-866-230-6361 from USA or Canada and from Europe or other countries +(506) 22805164 or skype: costaricanlanguageacademy.