Why Students Love Homestay-Based Spanish Studies Abroad

Why only study Spanish in a classroom when Spanish studies abroad offer homestay opportunities with so much more?

Homestay programs are an essential complement to our Spanish language immersion programs.  For the duration of their program, either one week or a few months, students don’t just live in Costa Rica and studying the language – they live with an actual family of native Costa Ricans, getting the most immersive experience possible.  

Homestay is a truly unique experience; one that students will treasure for the rest of their lives.

How Homestay Programs Create Excellent Experiences for Spanish Studies Abroad

Immediately have new friends

The homestay families chosen by the Costa Rican Language Academy are specifically picked for each student according to their preferences. They are excited to meet new people and share the Costa Rican culture with them. It’s like immediately having a new set of friends the moment a student enters the country!  The homestay family can show them around the area far more effectively than any guide.  After all, it’s where they live.

Get a deep grounding in the local culture

The longest-lasting benefit to homestay is that there is simply no better way to learn a foreign culture from the inside out.  Students don’t only learn Spanish, they get to see how another culture operates from the inside out, getting a deeper insight of the people and language. They will come home with a deep, rich knowledge of Costa Rican culture.

See the sights with native guides

Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country, full of amazing sights to see and things to do.  Having a native family as guides is the perfect way to experience it.  Their knowledge of the local area will provide a more fulfilling experience, as well as helping students avoid tourist traps and see the real treasures of Costa Rica instead.

Make lasting connections

One of the most common reason that students choose homestay options is to create relationships with a family, one which will become their own family in Costa Rica. Their friendship will endure through time and allow future travels to Costa Rica to occur, as well as receiving the family in their home country.

The Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) Can Make Dreams Come True

More than 15,000 students have used CRLA to advance their Spanish studies, make new friends, and leverage future business opportunities.  Contact us today to learn about our programs and group discounts!