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New at CRLA…

Weekly YOGA classes

When? Every Tuesday at 3:00 or 4:00 pm
Why? Because at CRLA we are always finding new ways to improve our Spanish program,
and we want you to have a relaxing and healing experience while you learn Spanish.

Stay healthy while you learn Spanish.

Join our yoga class and get healthy.
Take advantage of the mental and physical benefits that yoga offers.
Yoga can help you acheive a peaceful body and mind, relax, manage stress and anxiety, have improved flexibility, strenght, and balance… all this while practicing Spanish.

Yoga classes are offered at no additional cost to all students enrolled in our Spanish programs.
Yoga – another healthy and relaxing activity you can enjoy after your Spanish lessons.


CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.