You’re Never Too Old Learn a New Language

Is it worth it to take a Spanish language immersion program as an adult?

Have you always wanted to learn a second language? Maybe you thought it would take too much time, or were afraid you would be embarrassed about making mistakes, or you just haven’t made up your mind to do it.
Now is the time to consider the Costa Rica Language Academy (CRLA).
Our program immerses you in the natural beauty of Costa Rica, while cultural opportunities and expert Spanish language teachers help you achieve your goal of learning Spanish.

Need some facts to help you make the decision? More than 20 percent of our nation’s population speak a language other than English, according to a recent United States Census. The Census also reports that 40.5 million, or 13.3 percent, of the population speak Spanish, demonstrating Spanish has become an important language in the American culture and it continues to grow. Learning a second language provides you with many benefits. It improves your analytical skills, confidence and creativity, while also building your resume. You develop a deeper understanding of another culture, and also make international traveling easier, as you broaden your acceptance of diversity.

By choosing an immersive program at CRLA, you surround yourself with Spanish speakers that allows you to learn the language in a way similar to how you learned your first language as a baby. All of the professors at CRLA have earned a degree in teaching Spanish as a second language, have studies in philology or education, and have extensive teaching experience. You will have an individualized plan that is tailored to the pace at which you learn. There will be many other students of all ages pursuing the goal of learning Spanish, so you will be surrounded with opportunities to practice what you are learning daily.

Our program also weaves in Spanish culture through classes and activities such as Latin dance, yoga, cooking, conversation classes, and more. And, if you really want to dive into the culture, you can choose a homestay program that further immerses you in Costa Rican culture and the daily life of a family in a local neighborhood. Host families open their homes and hearts to provide a wonderful adventure and experience for our students.

The team at Costa Rican Language Academy proudly offers an exceptional learning experience for you to study Spanish abroad. We are happy to answer any questions you have, contact us for assistance.