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We offer a variety of programs and the opportunity to design your own schedule, which is flexible to fit your needs. Students may also choose to supplement their group classes with additional private lessons.

Our Spanish classes usually consist of three  to four students never more than six. This intimate class size helps us tailor our programs to your specific needs and to adapt our teaching methodology to your learning style. You will be placed in classes according to your Spanish proficiency level, which is determined by a written test sent by email and an oral evaluation exam before starting your course. Your level will be confirmed by your instructor based on your performance during the class.

Throughout your course, your progress will be assessed daily by your teacher and our Academic Director. Every day instructors hand in a progress report for each student in the class. This information helps our Academic Director determine and decide, along with the student, the best way to reach his/her language goals.

We provide four levels of Spanish instruction:

Beginner Level

Beginner’s courses I, II and III has been designed to provide an introduction to elementary Spanish. The primary objective of this course is to offer students the opportunity to acquire communication skills in what we call “Survival Spanish”. Functions include: asking/giving directions, using appropriate greetings, introductions and courtesy expressions as well as being able to communicate in different situations such as visiting a bank, restaurant, or other public places. Furthermore students should be able to give their personal information, and talk about personal preferences and activities in growing details.

As a beginner’s student, you will study basic sentence structures, learn everyday vocabulary and develop the ability to clearly communicate basic ideas in Spanish.

Intermediate Level

The intermediate course is divided into Intermediate I, II and III and covers most grammatical structures, which will give students the tools needed to achieve more confidence and fluency when using the language. Students will learn these grammatical structures, while improving vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, as well as written and oral skills. At this level the students learn to use different compensation strategies to communicate their ideas when they do not know the exact structure or word that should be used. Students will also be able to hold conversations on various topics with native Spanish speakers, using the appropriate forms for each situation. This course emphasizes on cultural aspects of the language and its real usage. Course emphasis is on culturally authentic reading and writing, along with continued development of listening/speaking competencies.

Advanced Level

This course includes the study of advanced Spanish grammar. The student should begin to master complex syntactical and morphological structures and special differences used in the language. In addition, the students will face current topics and conversations with a higher level of complexity and abstract thought in order to improve considerably in fluency and precision. This level includes cultural, social and historical aspects on different Hispanic speaking countries as a way to explain the relationship between language, history and culture.

The objective of this course is the proficiency and fluency in the Spanish language. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on the comprehension and use of the language in unrehearsed situations in culturally appropriate ways.


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At CRLA we believe that only when Spanish lessons are interesting, functional, and fun to do is it possible to learn quickly and easily. Consequently, the essence of our courses is a varied and dynamic teaching approach. Our aim is to teach classes that are intensive, yet challenging and enjoyable.

Our methodology calls for active participation from our students.
Our practical courses entable the students to communicate, comprehend and use accurate pronunciation in Spanish as quickly as possible.

The intimate classroom setting and particular training methodology provide the flexibility to adapt our teaching style and approach to meet your individual needs.

All our classes emphasize speaking abilities, but we consider the Spanish language as a whole; therefore, our methodology takes into account its different components: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, cultural understanding and pragmatic use.



CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.