This Is How I Learned Spanish While Traveling Through Costa Rica

Dreams can become a reality when you work hard and define your goals are clear. I remember having tried making a vision board last year; and it worked! I made a collage with some photographs of cool places like Costa Rica and of students studying Spanish abroad. Well, guess what? Six months later I was living the same unforgettable experience I visualized in those images.


I went to Costa Rica to learn Spanish at CRLA, travel the country, and immerse myself in a new culture. At CRLA (Costa Rican Language Academy) they provide one the best immersion programs for Spanish studies in the region. Plus, they have taught more than 15,000 students from all over the world.


What helped me the most was having the opportunity to explore amazing places in Costa Rica all while learning Spanish abroad. On top of that, CRLA offered me advice and assistance to arrange various trips in the area. Also, I had plenty of options for food, hotels and tours.


Popular Tours & Destinations at CRLA


These are some of the places you should visit when you are in Costa Rica:


  • Canopy San Luis
  • Best of Pacific
  • Tortuguero
  • Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs
  • San José City Tour
  • Tortuga Island
  • White Water Rafting


A Unique Learning Experience


CRLA helped me with all of my studies and exceed my expectations. My Spanish teacher was always attentive and I appreciate his patience during my learning process. Another thing that blew my mind was the wonderful bond I formed with my host family where I stayed. They really helped me understand the Spanish culture and traditions, while giving me a warm environment to live in.


More than Books & Theory


At CRLA, classes go beyond textbooks because students have the chance to speak in Spanish with Costa Ricans and learn in a variety enjoyable ways. Their immersion programs include staying with a Costa Rican family, Spanish lessons, and so much more.


CRLA include extracurricular activities such as:


Our Costa Rican Language Academy


CRLA provides a wide variety of immersion programs to learn Spanish studies abroad for individuals, groups, and faculty-led groups of high school or college students. This once-in-a-life time opportunity will allow them to speak with native speakers and get to know their culture.


If you would like to learn Spanish abroad while having an amazing experience with new friends and fun activities, you can enroll now. For further information you can contact CRLA.