Spanish Language Immersion Programs

Thinking about studying Spanish abroad but don't know where to start? There's nothing more exciting than getting ready to study in another country -- but there can be a lot to think about.
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This is the second part for Everything you need to know about learning Spanish abroad...
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Have you ever wanted something different from your Spanish class? It's one thing to learn all of the basics and the vocabulary so that you can someday have a conversation with a Spanish speaker, but it's a whole different experience to learn something and immediately be able to use it. Perhaps you have thought about an immersion experience abroad before and a little bit of fear held you back.
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Getting ready to study abroad and learn Spanish? Here are some lively sayings that you may hear when you're learning Spanish abroad and hanging out with some of your local friends. Ojo: Translating an expression literally from one language to another rarely works.
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With Hispanic individuals making up an estimated 28% of the US population by 2060, communicating in Spanish is more important than ever. That's where participating in Spanish immersion programs abroad comes in.
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Studying abroad can be a big challenge for some. Feeling homesick, out of place, or even lost are some of the fears that stop many from taking advantage of one of the greatest opportunities in their life.
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Studying abroad has an endless number of benefits, one being the opportunity to practice another language. Costa Rica is a great place to learn Spanish, while making life-long memories. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your study abroad experience.
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Imagine a paradise and what do you see? Maybe you see a pristine beach, untouched by human development and complete with perfect sunsets every evening. Maybe you see lots of green - a rainforest, to be exact - with a wide variety of thriving species, all living in harmony with one another. Maybe your idea of paradise is simply living day to day with a carefree style of life, where everyone is friendly to each other and without worry.
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Most people, including myself, have had the thought, "I wish I could speak another language. I should have paid attention in school." But learning another language in high school or college is difficult if you don't have anywhere to practice and use it. That's why immersive language learning has been such an effective tool for learning a new language. 
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Maybe you had to take Spanish in high school or college, but you can't remember anything past "hola," to save your life. Maybe you know enough to get by. Maybe you've never cared to learn a second language, but adulthood called, and it needs something more for your resume than just "graduate."
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CRLA students have the opportunity of contributing to make a tangible difference in our world and to leave something positive for future generations.

June 5, 2017
Spanish student and teacher

Immersion is The Best Way to Learn Spanish Abroad

People often think that learning a new language can be achieved by reading books through online courses or watching movies. The reality is that this can´t be farther from the truth. One of the best ways of learning a language, like Spanish, is to learn it abroad.
December 22, 2016

There Are So Many Opportunities for Group-Based Spanish Language Immersion Programs

One of the features that sets Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) apart from other Spanish studies abroad programs is that we can work with groups of any size.  Rather than focusing solely on individual students or small groups, we have the resources to accommodate university or high school groups, often a few at a time.
December 2, 2016

What Courses Are Available when You Choose Spanish Language Immersion Programs With CRLA?

One of the most common misconceptions we hear from prospective students or teachers organizing group trips is that intensive Spanish studies abroad require extensive existing knowledge of Spanish.  That’s not the case at Costa Rican Language Academy!  
November 28, 2016

Now Announcing Online Spanish Courses from Costa Rican Language Academy, a Leading Provider of Spanish Language Immersion Programs

December 5, 2016 – San Jose, Costa Rica – Since the 1980s, Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA) has helped students master the Spanish language through their Spanish studies abroad programs.  Now, however, CRLA is taking their language-learning opportunities a step further with the addition of online classes.